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FINER 19 inch modified wheel hub 1139

产品分类: 19 inch modified hub
    FINER new fine wheel 19 inch sharp accord BMW Benz audi ford modified aluminum alloy wheel hub

      size:19*8.5  PCD:5*114.3   CB:73.1   ET:35

      Bright black




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      1. In order to adapt to the requirements of the automobile driving coefficient, energy saving, noise reduction and emission reduction, the hub is developing towards large diameter, light weight, intensity and beauty.

      2. According to the data, compared with the traditional gravity casting technology, the use of forging technology can reduce the wheel hub weight by nearly twenty percent, but the strength coefficient can exceed 10 times.

      3, the wheel hub adopts alloy material, imported German and Japanese imported equipment to forge production. Its products are noble, quality, novel and rich in size and model.

           The company checks and checks on-line the quality of raw materials, main production process parameters and products, and checks the quality of products regularly. Testing the advanced Swiss ARL spectrometer (to complete the testing of all chemical components in a few minutes for the samples to be detected in a few minutes, and adjust the aluminum alloy smelting preparation in a timely manner), the test machine (material testing machine, salt mist corrosion testing machine, wheel radial test machine, wheel rotary test machine, wheel reciprocating test machine, bending) The thickness tester, the metallographic analyzer, the dynamic balance machine, the X ray detector, the photoelectric spectrophotometer, the three coordinate measuring machine, the electroplating bath liquid full analysis equipment, etc. in 2005, the company inspection passed the provincial inspection certification.

      Advanced testing equipment and management equipment still need good scientific management to ensure the quality of products. The company operates strictly according to the quality assurance system such as IS09000, TS16949 and so on. The company carries out the quality policy of "pursuing zero defects of products and optimizing service to create brand", so that the whole process of design, development, sales and service of the company is in a controlled state.

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