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FINER is an European and American high-end modified wheel brand,swept the Americas market. In the Americas modified wheel market appeal is not inferior to other European brands,such as BBS,OZ···

FINER has nearly 30 years of experience in produce all kinds of original and modofied forged magnesium alloy wheel. In the United States and more than 30 countries have unparalleled influence. Its product characteristics and style.has become the leading international modified wheel indicators. The Finer each modified product design and philosophy,are derived from the United States and Europe to meet the market,making its product modeling more unique.

Finers product has two years of appearance quali-ty and lifetime structure guarantee, and product prices compared to other European brands more affordable, so that each user to enjoy the brand's top quality, lead to another deep level Experience car fashione culture and car life model.

Finer products in the price positioning is relatively moderate, to meet any level of customers, so that its products in the market has a good reputation, has become the Asian car modified wheel and more leader.

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